Family reunion first thoughts

It’s late, and I got up early and I did a lot of things I don’t do every day (showered by 8am, at a grocery store by 9:30, formed ~25 hamburgers before 10:30, fell out of a tree, played horse shoes for a couple hours and never lost, left my house more than once on a weekend).

But it was a very good day – weather could not have been much better.  The venue was very nice – there were wild deer walking within a hundred feet or so of us – MANY of them.  McAllister park in North San Antonio – great park.  Be respectful and you can ignore those "No Alcoholic Beverage Allowed in Park" signs.  Trust me – you can.

My dad gave each son an oil painting from his collection.  Then he opened boxes and boxes of pictures and nik-naks, and as they were passed around each of us (including grand-kids) took what was important to them. Then he gave us each another gift that I won’t detail here. But it was and is special.

We had enough food for 20 more people.  Everyone had fun and nobody got hurt (seriously hurt, anyway).

More on this later in the week (after my digital camera has time to process the pictures).

For now, I am beat.  Playing horse shoes and falling out of a tree will wear a guy out.


  1. @Paul – I resemble that remark!

  2. “falling out of a tree will wear a guy out”

    So, not only do you LOOK like a 15 y/o ….