Father’s Day

64m I talked to my Father today, and he is doing well.  He may try and meet me in Shreveport for my birthday (07/07/07) – that would be very cool!

My kids pitched in together and bought me U-571 on HD DVD, which is very cool, since it is a wonderful film.  I’ll probably watch it later this evening.




1160592096They also bought me the World Series of Poker for the XBOX 360 –   VERY cool!  I’ve already played a few hands (poorly).  I’ll play with it more later, but it’s a ton of fun – I have already used my XBOX Live Vision camera to put my own “digi-head” on my character – so when I play, my character actually looks like me!




Finally, in the bottom of the gift bag were Riesen’s candies!  Lots of them!


I love Riesen!riesen And my kids!


  1. And the next gift they gave me? Shortly after I opened my presents they both left to an XBOX Halo 2 party for the evening šŸ˜†