Fatspam… – The Jason Calacanis Weblog

 So Jason thinks he’s fat.  OK.  If Jason thinks he’s fat, he probably is.  But Jason wants to blog about it, on (of all things!) his personal blog!

This pisses me off.  Jason should NOT be allowed to use his personal blog to write about personal issues that are important to him!  Blogs are free, and Jason could start a new “Fat Jason” blog!  No need for us to all be watching his detailed “I lost 0.9 pounds today after a 40 minute heavy workout and a healthy shit”, or whatever.  Right?

No, stupid.  It’s Jason’s blog – not yours, or mine.  If Jason wanted to spend three months talking about how many centimeters of foreskin were lost during his circumcision, then that’s Jason’s call.

Sure, I weight 145 pounds, and might forever.  I don’t have a weight issue, so reading about weight issues isn’t all that compelling to me.  So if Jason posts about losing a turd or two I may or may not read it – THAT is my recourse as a subscriber to his blog.  But complaining about what Jason writes on his personal blog is just wrong. 

This is my *personal* blog where I talk about my life. Now, most of time that means I’ll be blogging about things like media, finance, and technology–the things you love–but I reserve the right to post about my personal life and things that maybe, well, you don’t love. Things like my big fat gut.

Source: Fatspam… – The Jason Calacanis Weblog