No, I didn’t actually register the domain (of course, I thought about it!)

What the heck is it?  Well, I get a lot of links to un-published blog posts from friends – asking me to read them, and sometimes asking, “Should I send it”.  Sometimes these posts are pretty inflammatory (in one case someone laid out their proof that their boss was embezzling – and they wanted to break it with a blog post!  I thought that was a bad idea!)

So I had this idea for a semi-automated service, “Friends don’t let friends blog drunk”. 

The service would accept a blog post and hold it until someone on your “buddy list” read it and approved it.  When a new FDLFBD post was submitted, your buddies would be notified. You could set it up to take just one approval, or add 5 buddies to the approval.  Even configure it so that if 3 of 5 approve, then the post is auto-magically published.

If they DON’T think you should publish it, it isn’t published.

Simple 🙂



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  1. Interesting! I guess I’ll see soon enough 🙂

  2. I hope 1and1 didn’t screw that one up … other (than 1and1) whois servers still show it as available!

  3. :mrgreen: OK, Deannie (thanks for the Digg!) – since I remembered that I have already “paid for” domains I hadn’t registered, I went ahead and registered this one…

    Damn, I’m a domain-addict! 🙁 ❗

  4. I TOTALLY love this idea!!! 😀