Feed Control

I wish I had more control over my feeds. I wish my readers did as well. I wish you could subscribe to any (or multiple) categories and/or tags. I wish you could subscribe to those comments in those feeds, and have them show inline with the original post – all in your RSS reader.

I wish RSS readers had a mechanism to allow anyone to unsubscribe from a feed category right their on my post. And even a button to unsubscribe completely.

I wish RSS readers and blog platforms gave the author’s more power to empower their readers.

I wrote about this some time ago (negative keywords, I think I called them) where users could subscribe to my blog but with conditions, like “-yoshi” which would exclude you from getting any of my posts about my dog (dog haters need options too!).

There is no doubt in my mind this will happen, but probably not soon. RSS is just now seeing wide adoption, and few people will want to muck with it.

I’m no RSS expert, but isn’t there a way to extend the current RSS with the types of features I am asking for without breaking the current crop of RSS readers?

If so, then new extensions could be used to make our next generation of RSS Readers MUCH smarter – without breaking what exists today.


  1. Hah! Yeah, Ike’s been slumming over here for a while. Nice commenter, and of course I’m pleased he stops by.

    Not exactly sure how Ike found my blog, but I imagine you are involved in that circle somewhere.

  2. I am here because I saw Ike’s name in the comments and was a little shocked since he is a good friend of mine and I have never seen him around these parts. It was a little like running into your high school boyfriend on the first day of your new job. Okay, not exactly like that, but kind of.

  3. @Ike – I’ve received a lot of hits on this post in the last few days. No idea why. Do you? What brought you to this somewhat old post?

  4. http://lagesse.org/categoryname/feed is the typical native syntax.

    A little PHP can do that.

    As for keyword manipulation – I know it can be done through Yahoo Pipes, but not in the easy manner you describe.

  5. Chris, I’ll have to look into the WordPress multiple feeds – you are right – it certainly isn’t obvious how to set that up!


  6. http://lagesse.org/index.php/category/ideas/feed/

    WordPress can do single category feeds, though they aren’t totally obvious at first glance.  As for tags and multiple categories… it’s a WordPress plugin waiting to happen!