I am trying a new Feed Reader – FeedGhost. It’s pretty slick (Windows Only) – and best of all, the authors are extremely responsive. I really don’t mind using beta software and running into the occasional nasty bugs when the company acknowledges you (and hopefully the bug!)

Lee and Stu have been very helpful addressing the few bugs I have found in FeedGhost. And I am really getting into the flow of reading with this tool – basically it “bites off” junks of news and puts them in your reading window. When you are done with that chunk click “Read More” and you get the next chunk. Sounds weird, but it’s really an effective way for me to read news, yet limit how much time I will spend on it (ok, Rob. Finish this chapter and you can read three “bites” of news).

If you are running on Windows and aren’t happy with your news reader, try FeedGhost – especially if you are on Windows Vista – the glass theme is awesome


FeedGhost is a blog reader for windows.

Try it FREE (not even an email required), or purchase a subscription for $20 per year.

  • Stunning modern visual appearance.
  • Synchronize your feeds and articles across multiple computers.
  • Automatically locate feeds from webpages.
  • Instant search for articles by keyword.
  • Easy reading via Outlook-style list or single keystroke ‘river-of-news’.
  • Email articles to friends.

Source: FeedGhost


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    Cheers Rob, much appreciated.

    I’m glad you found the F8-style of reading, it’s my personal favourite, but it does seem to be hard to convince friends who use FeedGhost how powerful that method is, as opposed to using the tree and list.

    To pick up on your comment about responsiveness, it’s user comments which determine what direction we take with FeedGhost — we’ve had consistent feedback that we need a way of tagging or saving articles, and that’s what we’re working on right now for example — so keep those comments coming.

    Stu Smith (FeedGhost)