Feld Thoughts – What Was Your First Computer?


Heh.  Brad Feld asks what your first computer was.  As I blogged back here my first computer was a TRS-80.  This is me, in front of it.  I was 18, and in the Navy.  I do believe I was the only enlisted person in the Navy with their own computer at the time 🙂










Last Thursday when I was in New York I swung by Steve Rubels office and hung out with him for an hour. We caught up on a bunch of stuff but managed to squeeze in a short riff about our first computers (yes – we were talking about how old we were – which is not that old, but it feels like it now that we have Facebook accounts.)

Feld Thoughts – What Was Your First Computer?


  1. @Paul – Oh, Sure I Have!!! I no longer drink sodas :mrgreen: !

  2. You haven’t changed a bit!