Fiesta Texas extends park operations into holiday season

 I’m glad Fiesta Texas is open through the Holidays.  It has to cost them big bucks though – I mean, the camel can’t be cheap, but booking live animals such as flying angels and Mary and Joseph?  THAT has to be expensive!

 I wouldn’t even know which booking agent to call for flying Angels and Mary and Joseph.

The theme park normally closes in the fall. However, under this new holiday schedule beginning the first weekend after Thanksgiving, the park will be open every weekend from Nov. 23 through Dec. 23. Fiesta Texas will be open daily from Dec. 26-30 and again on Jan. 1-6. The park will be closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, however.

Fiesta Texas will re-introduce a live show called Majesty of Christmas, which is a musical performance of the Nativity story. The show will feature live animals such as camels and sheep, flying angels and performances by Mary and Joseph.

Fiesta Texas extends park operations into holiday season – San Antonio Business Journal:


  1. If those flying angels are blue, I probably know where to book ‘m, but yeah .. NOT cheap!

  2. I’ve seen the show before. It is pretty good!