Fill my pool with aluminum

I have a very troublesome 30+ year old in-ground swimming pool.  Several years ago it became somewhat famous on an e-bay auction.

I’ve owned my house for about 5 years.  I’ve thrown THOUSANDS of dollars into my pool.  If you look at my house on Google Earth you will see a green pool – not a pretty blue one.  I’ve tried to make it blue, and pretty.  I can’t.

The pretty pool on the right isn’t mine.  The patch of green on the left (that looks like an NFL field) is.


The pool can’t be saved – it must be decommissioned.  And that is expensive.

So I am thinking of how I can get rid of this large (30+ feet long 20+ feet wide, 12 foot deep) pool at no personal expense to me… so of course I am thinking of turning to the web.

Here’s my idea.  I run a site that allows users to guess (for a fee) how many 12 ounce beer cans it takes to fill the pool.  I offer a prize for the winner – maybe $10K.  I also offer people a mechanism to launch cans into the “pool” over the web (for a slight fee, with targets and prizes for the most accurate “shooters”).

I seek sponsorship from beer companies.  Bud Light would be an obvious choice since it is my normal home “summer beer”.  But if Bud won’t pay, I launch Coors instead (or whatever).

So there are several ways to “win”.  You guess how many cans it takes to fill the pool..  You guess how long it will take to fill the pool – or you “shoot a can into the target”.

At the end of the contest I would hopefully receive enough money to pay the winners, salvage the many many pounds  of aluminum for recycling and make enough to get the ugly hole in my yard removed.

And hopefully people would find it fun.

Crazy?  Sure.  But as Paul noted earlier, I am nuts.

What do you think?  Should I pursue it?  I really need to get rid of this old pool, and I also need to find a decent way to recycle a lot of beer cans that (my friends) leave around here!


  1. You forget the south texas mosquitoes.  I guess I could put bass in it to keep the mosquitoes down, and then do some fishing.

  2. Sounds rather complicated to me. All kinds of problems (when is the pool full? I’m sure you can get one extra beer can in).
    I’m pragmatic. I simply would stop calling it a pool, and call it a pond instead. Buy some water lillies for it. Problem solved.