Over on Twitter Ike and I were discussing how easy it was to find us by first name on Google. He is the 12th result for Ike and I am the 31st for Rob.

It is interesting that came up today, because an old friend of mine from 20+ years ago called me on the phone. He found me through my blog.  Because I am findable.

So Danny Rowell and I have connected again after two decades.  He has four kids I never knew about, and I have two he now knows about.

Very cool!

(and I did manage to link to Ike via "Ike"!)


  1. 31st isn’t bad for a common name. Oh, and if you think this comment spam is bad, I will show one sometime that will make your head spin. 😯

  2. Oh, it will get there, “Rob“, but not if you aren’t including links with your friends’ names. (hint hint.)

  3. @Kami – you are blessed with both an “odd” first AND last name. I got the last name part nailed (as does Ike). But my first name is a bitch to get up on the front page of Google, I imagine 🙂

  4. @ Ike – LMFAO!

  5. I am #6 for Kami and I own Huyse, which is hysterical since I have a very well published husband (he is in the results too thank goodness), and also there is his brother Philip, who shows for one of his books (near the bottom in French). Looks like I hijacked the family name. Oh well.

  6. Great… I’ll bet I’m *way* behind the IntenseDebate guy for Google Searches for “Isaac”.

    I never really *wanted* to be ‘Ike’ anyhow… 😡

  7. @Isaac – uh, for one – don’t leave comments on an unrelated thread announcing to my readers that I may or may not be installing something new!

    I don’t know if I’ll run Intense Debate – life got involved during the time had had set aside to play with it. So now it waits.

    But I really do find this comment intrusive – you have my email address and it would be MUCH more professional to contact me that way.

  8. Hello. We noticed that you were about to install Intense Debate, but didn’t complete the installation process for some reason. We’re all about the user experience, so if you have any thoughts/suggestions/complaints I’d be very happy to know them!

    All the best,
    Isaac Keyet (UI Designer at Intense Debate)

  9. @Ike – yeah, I am number two for La Gesse (the proper spelling) or LaGesse (some confused relatives spell it that way)! But I don’t mind playing second fiddle to a music festival or a charitable organization!

  10. Thanks Rob! I’ll be sure to let you know when I crack page one.

    By the way, you are #2 for LaGesse. We can fix that too.