Fineman: The year of the Third Force – The Debates –

I do think it is time for a third party – Libertarians, I hope.  But someone should step into this “void of trust” we have with BOTH of our major political parties.

We can do better than we have done.  We can be represented better than we have been represented.  We can represent who we are as Americans better than we have done.

We can’t continue the status quo.  It’s harmful.

So what do you think – would you support a thrid party candidate?

If I were a GOP strategist – or a Democratic one – I would be worried by Arnold’s body language. He and other major independent actors on the political scene – New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former Vice President Al Gore, chief among them – comprise a Third Force that could upset two-party politics as we know it in the 2008 presidential race.

Indeed, although there is no formal alliance, Schwarzenegger, Bloomberg and Gore have formed a mutual admiration society that has huge potential implications for 2008. They have come to share similar visions on the urgency of the global warming and health care crises, and a similar impatience with politics as usual.

This could be the year of the Third Force. 

Source: Fineman: The year of the Third Force – The Debates –


  1. Hurray! At last someone who knows the difference between the Earth and the Globe in Politics! Hurray!

    [P.S. I donno who those three people are (except Arnold)]