First Ubuntu Post

Yes, I am running Ubuntu 6.10 now. Still have some things to figure out – like how to get my second monitor working, and how to get my Happauge WinTV card functioning.

But it’s installed, and mostly working. It’s amazing how much less disk space it takes than Vista!

I’ll post more about Ubuntu as I go along.



  1. *grin*

    First-Class Mail Rates
    First ounce $0.39
    Each additional ounce $0.24

  2. Stamps? People still use them things? I don’t think I have actually mailed anything in two years! What are stamps up to now, a quarter? 🙂

    Thanks, Chris!


  3. You can get Ubuntu stickers from System76. Send a SASE and they’ll get them to you.

  4. Cool. Where did you get the Ubuntu sticker? Maybe I should get my laptop laser-etched with the Ubuntu logo, just to make it really permanent!

    So far I am enjoying it. It hasn’t bitten me badly yet, anyway!

    Take care,


  5. Hey Rob

    Welcome to the Ubuntu club. I installed Ubuntu 6.06 on my laptop and have not looked back. I too blogged about it and in fact today I blogged that I will not return to Windows.
    I can’t say I will go totally windowless, since the main family computer is a Windows machine, but on this laptop, it’s Ubuntu. Plus I have placed an Ubuntu sticker on it.

    That makes it official

  6. Thanks Pete – I added it to my list (it’ll be the next thing I tackle after I get my second monitor working!)


  7. Try MythTV. It has a client-server model, and works quite well. I’ve been using it for a few years now and I’m quite happy with it. It does exit unexpectedly on occasion, but I think a fresh install should be more stable.

  8. Thanks, Chris! It’s definately going to be interesting making the switch!


  9. Definitely search for that. UbuntuForums is pretty much the ultimate resource for Ubuntu help – if you have a question, they’ve probably answered it twice before (and if they haven’t, ask!).