Fit Matters – The Perfect Bra size

I just saw a commercial from the Macy department store.

They have something new called “Fit Matters” that is supposed to help women find the perfect shape/size bra.

I think I could do this better with a Web-Based Ajax Social Networking application that leverages folksonomy and incorporates the blogosphere and the infiltration of new media devices, like the iPhone.

Basically the service would allow the end user (“customer”) to upload several bare-chested high resolution photographs (or even better for our algorithms, video) to our server where our intelligent systems will utilize both advanced machine processing and human review to render a 3D model of the customer’s breasts.

Then, through another advanced set of algorithms and human-powered search, our social network will discover the absolute best bra for your body shape, breast size, shape and mass.

Because the early stages of the algorithms may need some minor tweaking we may ask customers to try on several bras (we will ship them and you may keep them) and provide additional photos and videos so we can evaluate the fit and make algorithmic adjustments as required. 

We may also offer a free (TOTALLY FREE) real-time service where you could immediately get real-time feedback from an expert panel of “Fit Matters” community members.

Together, we can all make life better – for women, their breasts, and our “Fit Matters” community.

And best of all – this service will be TOTALLY FREE!  The more you use it, the better it will get!

* Note – we may occasionally share randomized anonymous data with others within our network in an effort to better serve our customers.


  1. textual part? You not using blobs in your database?:D

  2. @ Kami – what? You don’t like the business model? 😛

    @ Yuvi – if this would bother your dad, then 99% of the comment spam I block would make him explode!

    As far as getting access to the database – sure – I’ll give you access to the textual part 😀


  3. P.S. The business plan would have also something to the effect of “revenue sharing” and “paid Pro Fit Matters Community Members”, eh?

  4. As an aside, I would also like access to your database so that I can do some coolio stats 😀

  5. LOL! Rob, you must give some consideration to the girls and the kids (me, that is), reading the blog! I mean, Dad wasn’t behind me, but I’ll be damned if he were 😀

    But seriously, don’t you think a few years ago, this would’ve been considered a viable business plan? 😀

  6. nice try.