Focus on Beauty – Marc Silber

Marc Silber has just released another free e-book. This one compiles two photo essays.

It’s a free download, although Marc does ask for your email address so he can keep you posted about his work (and he doesn’t spam you with a ton of email, so don’t worry about that!).

Within this e-book is a gorgeous photo of a horse that looks like it absolutely knows it is posing. There are a number of other wonderful shots. I highly recommend you give it a look.

Marc has also posted another e-book, which I have mentioned before: Taking Memorable Photos. I highly recommend it if you want to improve your photography skills.

I’ve just completed a new ebook: Focus on Beauty, it’s available for download, here:


Photo Gallery – Marc Silber


  1. @Marc – Thanks Marc. If I was in the Bay Area, we would have already met – I would make sure of it. I am in San Antonio, TX, but I guarantee that I will let you know when I next travel to the B.A. Would love to meet you. Hopefully some of my readers can make use of this info though – and if they are in the Bay Area, I certainly suggest that they do.

  2. Thanks Rob, this s was made from two magazine assignments which I really enjoyed doing. I have an exhibition that goes with it if you’re in the bay area, see the link above –Marc