FolderShare – File Transfer & Remote File Access – Product Overview

 image FolderShare is a free application that allows you to sync your IE browser, as well as files, across multiple computers. 

It works VERY well, and you can’t beat the price.

Try it – it’s really increased my productivity.






FolderShare TM allows you to create a private peer-to-peer network that will help you to synchronize files across multiple devices and access or share files with colleagues and friends. You no longer need to send large files via email, burn them to CDs/DVDs and mail them, or upload them to a website. FolderShare allows you to share and sync important information instantly with anyone you invite, making it the perfect solution for personal or small business use.

How can I use it?

  • Synchronize all your devices – Retrieve work files at home or access photos at work. With your devices in sync, you no longer have to be frustrated that your information is on another computer.
  • Share files, photos, and home videos with your peers – Select the content you want to share, invite members, and they will be able to access the shared files directly from their device.
  • Access your computer or device remotely – FolderShare mobile access allows you to access your computer from any web browser.

Any restrictions? We’ll let you decide…

  • Share files up to 2 GB in size
  • Unlimited file transfers – no limits on quantity or size of files transferred
  • Any file type – files are synced and transferred in their original format

How much does it cost?

FolderShare is now free of charge – download the FolderShare Satellite now!

FolderShare – File Transfer & Remote File Access – Product Overview