For the first time, I met one of my son’s girlfriends

He’s had a couple, but I had never met them.

I’m lucky – my son is a pretty damned good kid.  Never been in any trouble, doesn’t smoke or drink.  A Senior in High School, attending a magnet school called International School of the Americas.  The school has received a lot of awards, including a Texas Education Agency Recognized School and a Goldman-Sachs Foundation award for Excellence in International Education.

It’s a very cool program, and I encourage you to read more about it at the link above.  The things the kids are exposed to (foreign exchange students, a sister school in Japan they video-conference with often, a class trip to the Heifer International Foundation, class trips to Japan and Mexico).  It is really amazing.

Kids are selected via a lottery, so you have students from all over San Antonio, of every ethnic, socio-economic and religious background.  I was double-lucky in that my daughter also attends (Sophomore).

Anyway, back to my son’s girlfriend.  He has shown me pictures of other girls he’s “dated”, and I talked to one or two of them over the phone.  But he never introduced one of them to me (I don’t blame him – I am pretty weird guy, and probably NOT someone that is going to earn you points with an 18 year old girl).

She is absolutely adorable!  In fact, I was somewhat shocked when I met her.  My son is a good looking young man.  Always did well in sports, especially soccer, but definitely not a Jock.  He has never played a sport for his school.  Just summer programs, etc.  But he is closer to my scrawny build than he is to some football player.  I always thought he was pretty shy.  I never really thought about how attractive he would be to 18 year old females – it just never crossed my mind.  But his girlfriend is absolutely adorable (oh, I said that already).

It was just weird – for the first time I saw one of my children hugging and kissing a member of the opposite sex – who wasn’t a parent or grandparent.

And he is still a good kid.  Don’t tell anyone I told you this, but he still kisses me goodbye every morning before he goes to school.  Even if I am dropping him off and his friends are around. 

Yea, I’m a lucky guy.