‘Forbidden act’

 Wow – imagine the sin this person must have committed to incite these kinds of reactions:

This was “an illegitimate and forbidden act,” the clerics said in their edict, or fatwa.

“Without any doubt, she has committed a great sin,” the fatwa said. It declared that Muslim women must stay at home and must not venture out uncovered.

The fatwa demanded that Bakhtiar be fired, given another unspecified punishment and that her family “force her to ask for forgiveness so that she does not repeat this un-Islamic act.”

Who is she, and what did she do?  She’s the Tourism Minister for Pakistan – and after making her first parachute jump (in France, for charity) she hugged her parachute instructor.

Yep – that’s right.  She hugged him.  And now she’s in fear for her life from the radical clerics. 

She was in France, doing something fairly dangerous to raise money for the survivors of the earthquake in Pakistan in 2005 – and somehow this upset the clerics thousands of miles away. Wonderful.

I can’t even pretend to understand this – hell, I can’t even understand the religion-based hatred and blindness in my own country/culture, much less what’s going on in the rest of the world.

But this is just insane.


Source: Clerics: Pakistan official’s hug a ‘sin’ – South and Central Asia – MSNBC.com


  1. Maybe it’s just them, but my many islamic friends over here are just as jolly and fun as I am…

  2. It all comes down to pure FEAR.
    Fear of change, fear of anything new. Most people have it, just not to this extreme level.
    These people can’t/don’t want to think for themselves. They live by a set of rules. They don’t want to ponder those rules, just follow them: that makes life very easy to live. The stricter the rules the better. The more black and wite, the easier to follow (no tricky interpretation needed). Any critique on those rules is felt as life threatening and they will react accordingly. These people are simply mentally lazy, ratty, fearful cowards. Egocentrics who think nothing of severely attacking people who threaten their narrowminded confort zone. They live in a deep dark narrow mental hole in the ground. Sorry elements of the human species.
    But.. that’s what fear does to people.
    Remember.. FEAR, it’s an acronym: it stands for Fear Ends All Reason.

    (Consider this MY Fatwa .. on those ‘clerics’)


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