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I think I have only quoted an entire blog post once or twice here before.  But Chris drives this nail into the coffin so expertly that I had to share the entire post. 

I’ve noticed the same thing about Digg.  What is interesting though is that StumbleUpon doesn’t just drive a visit.  StumbleUpon visitors tend to look at 3.8 page views per unique visit here.  On my site, that’s as many as 20 blog posts.  And StumbleUpon users here are 165% more likely to click on an add.

Yes, I have had more traffic driven here by StumbleUpon than Digg (over time) – but the stats still are what they are.

Digg users?  They read 1.2 pages when they show up. 

Digg readers may Digg, but they don’t dig very deep!


A few months ago, we did a short video on YouTube that covered Google AdSense tips:

  “It may be due to my doubled traffic and a digg frontpage hit, but your suggestions on ad optimization tripled my income on AdSense. Its still not a lot of money, but its three times a little amount of money which is good.”

Digg users seldom bring with them an increase in AdSense revenue for quite a few reasons: (a) theyre largely underage, (b) theyre largely idiots, (c) theyre largely underage idiots, (d) they block ads in their browsers, (e) they hold no staying power in terms of your audience, (f) they have attention spans shorter than a nanometer, and (g) theyre quite predictable. Digg has power because it drives traffic, not because it drives intelligence. adsense, google, google adsense

Free AdSense Help ~ Chris Pirillo