FreedomFest – July 5-7, 2007

I’m thinking about attending this.  Paul and Dawnell will be there.  Bob, Bruce, David, Billy?  You guys up for it?  0707/07 is my birthday (46!) – what better place to be for that than Vegas with friends?

Anyone else? 

Great Thinkers, Great Books, Great Ideas . . .
and Great Fun!

?A hearty welcome to so many friends of freedom!  FreedomFest is a great place to talk, argue, listen, celebrate
the triumphs of liberty, assess the dangers to liberty, and provide that eternal vigilance that is the price of liberty.
We have so much to celebrate but also much to be concerned about.”                                 –Milton Friedman

FreedomFest – July 5-7, 2007


  1. david says:

    I remember that night…

    Billy played a tournament in NY week before last. $55 buy-in with a $25 rebuy for more chips…. he got 2nd for a take around $1100!

    The problem with the dates of freedom fest is that it is also the start of the main event WSOP… Plus I’m leaving on a week vacation on the 13th to Hawaii…

  2. Me too! That’s why I think he mentioned it. (If I recall correctly it was during a poker game over at Dan’s. Both bro’s were there and I lost my shirt to them!)

  3. 🙂 I’ve been calling him Billy for YEARS! 😆

  4. Bill once told me that we has Billy only to David, and Bill to the rest of us … 😉

  5. I was!

  6. Hmmm… not sure if you are referring to Billy my brother..