Friday Email Flurries

I send a lot of emails on Fridays.  On the one day I get the fewest emails.  But there is a reason I send so many on Fridays.

On Fridays, I work at home, and try to dedicate the day to talking to potential customers.  The rest of the week I dedicate to helping current customers.

But Fridays are different – on Fridays I try to talk to the people that can influence other buyers – basically trying to extend my reach.

So I learn a lot on Fridays.  And that causes me to send a lot of emails that I am sure my bosses wish waited until Monday.  But I write them as they come in, and send them as I can.  Which generally means a flurry of late-night Friday emails on a number of different ideas/prospects.

Sorry, bosses.  But Friday is a good day for this.  People are willing to talk more on Fridays.


  1. 🙂 True enough. I think they realize that, because they haven;t complained any!

  2. I love the unspoken part of this post…”I am sorry but just a smidge if it makes money…” 🙂