Friday Night Lights

I have to admit I was very much a skeptic about this show.  I grew up with small-town sports – much of that time in Texas around Texas football.  I really didn’t think some Hollywood types could capture the  atmosphere of Friday Night Football in a small town.

I’m glad I am surprised.  I really enjoyed the show.  It wasn’t perfect, of course.  But it was intriguing.  It drew me in.  It at least made me want to watch again next week.

I won’t go into any details because I know some of you are in different time zones, or you TiVo.  But I will be interested in seeing how people react to this show over the next few days.  I have little doubt it will do well here in Texas.  It was filmed about 80 minutes from here.  So some of us will watch it just to see local places we’ve actually been to.  But I am not sure how it will play out on the coasts.  That’ll be the interesting (and telling) story on this show’s future.