From Twitter – Greed

 CaptureI wish I could explain this more right now.  I can’t.  But I am glad Twitter gave me a place to say it.

It says,

"A bird in the hand IS worth two in the bush. true for startups as well. Greed seldom prevails unless you make a life’s work of it."

I’ve known greedy people. And extremely generous people. 

Rich generous people, and poor greedy people.  Educated greedy people and poorly educated generous people.

Regardless, I like the generous people the most.

For one reason.

They are the happy people.


  1. That’s a pretty clear understanding Rob, very cool.

    It’s a humbling thing to find out that something you did/said made a difference in someone’s life.

  2. @Stu – first off, I think generous people are happy because usually they can afford to be generous. They aren’t generally giving up a meal to help someone – instead they are more likely to have to skip on order of appetizers.

    On a much deeper level, I think I see people that are more like me. When I give, I feel it. Personally, I think that makes it much more valuable to the giver. Also, I don’t usually just “hit and run” when I give. For a long time I thought I could. Then I met some people that I have no followed for as long as four years. I see where they were, where they are, and where they can be. All because I helped them. And that is a very powerful thing, at least to me.

    That makes me happy because I didn’t just help someone I don’t know – I’ve gotten to know people I have helped.

  3. Cool post Rob. And spot on from my viewing too .. there are greedy people in all walks of life, in all circumstances, just as the opposite is true.

    Why are generous people happy do you think?