FTC fines Xanga for violating kids’ privacy – Technology & Science – MSNBC.com

I not pleased with this ruling – sure, I agree Xanga should have some responsibility here – but this basically spanks Xanga without doing anything to hold either the kids, or their parents responsible for anything.

Sorry – it sends the wrong message to kids (don’t worry – you are just a kid and we won’t hold you accountable for crap), and it assumes parents should have no responsibility for what their kids are doing online.

That’s BS – ultimately, as a parent, it is my job to monitor what my kids do on the Internet.  It is not Xanga’s, and it is not the Federal Government’s.

I am tired of a society that exempts personal responsibility as a factor. 

According to the Federal Trade Commission, children who wanted to open a Xanga account didn’t even have to show that level of ingenuity. Children merely had to check a box confirming they were over 13, according to FTC lawyer Mary Engle. Even those who, on that same registration page, entered birthdays that showed they were under 13 were still allowed to join. 

What in the hell difference does it make if the kid  only lied in one place on the sign up form or if they lied on the ENTIRE form!  They lied.  They claimed to be something they were not, and that is a parental issue that PARENTS should address WITH THEIR KIDS, and not something the Government should be punishing Xanga for.

That’s my opinion, anyway…


Link to FTC fines Xanga for violating kids’ privacy – Technology & Science – MSNBC.com


  1. That’s stupid. That’s the same way that sites all around the net work…. COPPA is ridiculous in the first place because you can’t enforce it with those who really are accountable – the kids who ignore it.