Fun with Mahalo

(I am sure these images will break my CSS – but I wanted to try and make them big enough that you could see them without clicking through. Try maximizing your browser if it’s really screwed up!)

I actually like But that doesn’t mean I won’t have some fun with it.

Just some quick screen shots of odd Mahalo search results:

Prostate: Pumpkins? And Juice?


VD = Blue-Ray? Sony WISHES Blu-Ray was that viral!


Importance – Street Racing, Beer and food. Mostly written by a guy, I imagine. Oh – and flowers. (A gay Guy).


Infidelity = Cheating on God? (WITH Prince Charles!). I would have had a blast at that party!


Fart – Trans Fat and Scales. Not really funny, just – odd!


Crabs and VD – Good recipes, a trip to Jamaica and AGAIN that damn Blu-Ray! (with clams on the side)


Rubbers are for Corn Dogs (and Senators)


Dork = Dirk Nowitzki. And burning men. I guess his team DID go down in flames!


Twit. Leo, who did you piss off? Dvorak I can kind of see 🙂


Liars: Seth Godin, Jennifer Tilly and Bill O’Reilly. I would PAY to be at that party!


OK, if you don’t know what Mahalo is, don’t judge it by this post – go look at it – it is very cool. It’s search pages built by humans, and I do think it will do well. But it is still fun playing with it – and trying to make it fun.

But I couldn’t get ANY hits for Jason Calacanis when I tried things like “Jason smart”, “Stupid Jason”, etc… I guess Jason is well protected by “THE ALGORITHM” 🙂


  1. Hah aha lol…… 😆 this is wicked 😈 cool 😆