I created this image last week, and have been waiting for a "bad day" to post it.  I haven’t had a bad day since and I wanted to get it off my desktop (my desktop is my short-term "I am working on this" space.  When it is cluttered, I know I’m getting in over my head).

Anyway, with a hat tip to "Risky Business":



  1. @Ike – I feel the same way. Now every image I find on the Internet I think of in terms of a gold-trimmed frame and a pithy subtitle.

    You’ve stolen a part of my life, and ruined forever the images I view on the Internet.

    And what REALLY sucks is I already have four more images on my desktop I am sure will somehow find their way into a gold-framed tribute to your ruining of society very, very, soon.

    Gads 🙂

  2. What have I done?!? What *is* this monster I have created?!?

    (or kr8ted, if you prefer.)