gapingvoid: "cartoons drawn on the back of business cards": random notes on blogging

 Hugh is funny.  Even though I think he’s in a mild depression right now.  Women.  Shit. Damn.

But he is funny, and his latest rant about blogging (except for the fact his blog throws odd characters to Google Reader) is wonderfully painful.

He hits on almost every aspect of blogging possible, including both bashing and supporting A,and B listers.

But mostly I just like his drawings (and the wine – I tasted it once, and it was quite good. I’m not big into wine, but I am very interested in his first beer brand!)

I think Hugh just needs to get laid.  He’s been dark enough for long enough, I think.  Or maybe not.


Source: gapingvoid: “cartoons drawn on the back of business cards”: random notes on blogging


  1. Ah, you said you tried the wine, so I wondered if it was from that occasion. I sent some home with various people too.

  2. I like Hugh’s work too but I notice that my comments never show on his blog anymore.

  3. No – I wasn’t aware of it until after the fact. Would have loved to have joined though!


  4. Were you at our Stormhoek party at Central Market?