Gators? What is next, Hurricanes?

We have reached our annual rainfall for our city.  It is July 18th.  That leaves a lot of time left in the year to increase the average.

And now my local news tells me that we have more alligators popping up in the city every day.  Tomorrow they promise to tell me why that is happening.  I don’t really care WHY it is happening – I want to know – WHERE it is happening!  On my block?

Something odd is happening here in San Antonio – the easy thing to do is blame it on Global Warming.  Why not?  It is timely and popular.  It might also be true.

But I moved to Florida a few years ago and got hit by a lot of rain, four hurricanes, and wasn’t attacked by an alligator – but a snapping turtle.  Either one can put a hurt on you.

So if we are really facing more rain, more alligators AND we start getting hit by hurricanes I must move.  Again.  But where?

I’ve been in earthquakes (San Diego, 1980) and San Francisco (1987).  I’ve been in two tornados (Florida – 20 years before the Florida Hurricanes hit me)). NINE Hurricanes (5 in 14 months).  Blizzards?  Yep – Chicago – the winter of 1979.  I was in boot camp at the Great Lakes training center.  Cold as shit.  Snow everywhere.  Lovely.

So if a hurricane makes it’s way up the coast and severely affects me here in San Antonio – where do I go?  It can’t be cold.  It can’t snow where I go – I have little muscle and no body fat.

Not overly interested in the ocean, or big bodies of water.  I’ve lived in Corpus Christi, TX, San Diego, CA, Pensacola, FL, Honolulu, HI, and Palm Bay, FL.  That’s a lot of living on the ocean.  Plus I was in the Navy and lived ON the freaking ocean.  Forgive me if think I have had enough ocean in my life!  Doesn’t mean I don’t like the climates in most of those places.  85 degrees year-round would be my dream. 

I think I have one more move left in me… so I need to make it a good one!


  1. dleach says:

    Global warming is just a bunch of hot air… time to go burn some fossil fuels…