– 2.5" and 3.5" SATA HDD Stage Rack


You bet I have my pre-order in for this. If it works, it will be a huge time-saver! I have numerous old laptop and desktop drives laying around – now I’ll easily be able to find out which ones are “good” and see what if any data is on them before they go to the recycler.

What a cool idea!

2.5″ / 3.5″ SATA HDD Stage Rack USB v2.0 130x68x90mm, 100-240V Windows2000/XP/Vista MacPro, Power Macintosh G5, Mac mini, eMac, iMac, MacBookPro, Power Book G4, MacBookiBook G4 (HDD is not included) To all of our future customers: Due to the great success of this product we are now only taking pre-orders and will proceed with the shipping at the end of November/beginning of December. If you have any further questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. – 2.5″ and 3.5″ SATA HDD Stage Rack


  1. @Paul – thanks! I ordered 1 “USB 2.0 to IDE Cable Adapter (for 2.5-Inch and 3.5-Inch IDE)” ($7.95) and 1 “USB 2.0 to IDE/SATA Cable Adapter” ($9.99). Cheap solution that solves ALL my misc hard drive issues 🙂

  2. Yes, there’s a separate power cable.

  3. @Paul – interesting. I like the last one, but I don;t understand how it powers an IDE drive. I guess there is a power cable they don’t show.

    And I must agree – as “convenient” as that little dock looks, I’ve had my experience with plastics just not fitting.

    So I think I’ll order your last suggestion – can’t lose much.

    And thanks, Mr. Research!

  4. Have you ever looked at how tiny the SATA connector pins are? I doubt that this box will ‘fit’ neatly every time.
    I think this is much cheaper solution:

    They have them for IDE also! usb adapter

    ( This one looks nice for both IDE and SATA: plus you get a free USB2.0 card. Look at the price!)
    (Or… if you prefer tigerdirect over newegg: look around here; usb )
    (this one looks nice: )

    It may not LOOK as neat as the ‘drop in’ box, but I bet it works just as well. Unless the drop-in box works perfectly (which I doubt) and you would be doing this kind of stuff 8 hours a day, I would go with the cabled versions and save me some money and frustration.

  5. @Paul – good catch. I thought I saw an IDE version as well, but can’t find the link. Not sure I need an SATA version.

  6. @Rob “I have numerous old laptop and desktop drives laying around”

    “OLD” you say? Note that this is for SATA! drives! SERIAL ATA. I don’t see any reference to the’old’ paralel IDE drives. SATA isn’t that old!

  7. How frigging hard is it to have a native of the country you’re selling this in go over the instructions and make some sense of it.
    I don’t trust companies (with sales offices in the US!) who are too frigging lazy to publish their instructions in English!
    That shows an incredible disregard/disrespect for ones customers!

    Please follow as such. When plugging your new SATA HDD, make sure that it is on switch off while inserting you Hard drive in the Stage rack, then switch it on for proper usage. If, you neglect to do so, your computer might ask you to install a drive during the connection of the SATA HDD to proceed. You are not require to do so, just ignore the message and put your Hard disk in the rack for proper functioning. There is no installation drive required, it is compatible with XP, Vista, Mac…

    Note: In order to keep still, the docking station has added weight this preventing the docking station to move when you are plugging in or out your HDD. This added weight is unfortunately increasing the shipping cost… We are very sorry for this inconvenient but there is nothing we can do on this matter. Thank you for your understanding.