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 I blogged about this here, but I’m pleased Mark Cuban is refusing to do business in Georgia until Genarlow is free.  Not that it’ll hurt Georgia any in my case, but I’m joining Mark’s boycott.

Personally, there is no chance I do business in the state of Georgia beyond the commitment the Mavs have to play the Hawks until Genarlow is out of jail.

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  1. May I suggest that evertytime you address this case you mention by name the extremely dangerous and un-American ego-tripping DA David McDade and also mention the hare-brained prosecutor’s name: Eddie Barker.

    And how on earth is it possible that the jurors were NOT informed nor instructed that their guilty verdict meant an automatic minimum sendtence of ten years? Where was the judge? WAS there a judge?
    It’s too crazy for words that this country still has a jury system, but that jurors aren’t told the consequences of their verdicts is beyond comprehension.
    Don’t even get me STARTED on the barbaric idocy of ‘automatic sentences’, nor the absolutely horrificly long jail times for relatively minor offenses that scientific studies time and again have shown to have the opposite effect of what the public is told by the dysfunctional notion “tough on crime” … it doesn’t work that way… long sentences CREATE criminals … and the folks involved know it … but hey “tough on crime” gets you elected… Yet another horror in the American justice system “elected DA’s and judges” *shudders*