Getting a little ticked at Robert – but in a friendly way

Robert Scoble and I have a small thread here about the Apple battery “recall”.   We disagree on some points.  I would really like to see Robert run with this and force Apple to do more than just “give me a new battery”.  Robert has influence, and I would like to see him use it to force Apple into not just “making me whole” on my dangerous ball-burning battery, but make it WORTHWHILE for me!

Apple, give me a reason to give you my firebomb, and make it easy for me!



  1. No, you are mistaken. My three year old Apple *IS* affected.

    But ignoring that Bruce, you know what my beef is – even as an Apple lover, you understand that customers matter, and just “fixing” something that is broke-dick-dead isn’t always enough… especially if it takes me time and money to get the fix.

    The beef is that I expect more from Apple than I do from Ford, yet Ford treated their mistake as an opportunity to give me free food and drinks and they made a party out of it. Apple hasn’t made me feel good about their recall for a number of reasons – first, they didn’t contact me, yet they know who I am, and what battery I have, and they have phone numbers and email addresses. They know they are wrong, yet they aren’t making it as easy on me to set me whole as they could be.

    Basically, they aren’t being Apple. They are responding like IBM or HP might – and I just *expect* more out of Apple than that. I am glad they switched to Intel processors, but they don’t need to start acting like “just another computer company”. They know better, and I think they’ll adjust. I *know* they would if more people questioned the entire recall – not only how it is being handled, but why the hell did it happen in the first place? Did they fire their entire QA group and offshore it?

  2. I may be mistaken, but unless you recently bought a powerbook, you don’t have an exploding battery. What’s your beef?