Getting Close

I have a client that is getting close to launching – exciting times. 

I don’t know what I enjoy more – the thrill of “being done” or the thrill of seeing what’s to come.  Web sites pretty much make or break themselves within the first couple weeks – if they have fatal flaws and they can be addressed quickly, you can recover.  If you can’t respond quickly enough, you wither and die.

So I’m spending a lot of time developing a plan for the first 24 hours, another plan for the next 48, one for the week, etc.  We need to be able to respond globally, quickly, and in multiple languages.  Challenging, yes.  Exciting, yes!

You plan for months, or years.  Business plan, Marketing Studies, or sometimes just gut instincts.  But on launch day none of that matters.  All that matters is “will people show up”. And if they do, the next question is, “will they hang around”.

Yes, it’s exciting to take a customer to launch – but it is also frightening.  The fear of failure is always back there – gnawing at you – begging you to remember what you’ve forgotten to plan for, what you haven’t thought of, and mostly – have I served my customer?

I’ll let you know soon enough.