Getting downright uncomfortable here

image I know it is going to get to 90 degrees (F) tomorrow. But starting out at under 70? That’s just getting downright too cold for me.

At 76 I feel comfortable. At 78 I’m happy. At 85 I’m still cool with it.

At less than 70 I’m waking up cold. That means an extra cup of coffee every day just to get moving.

But the “good news” is that (thanks to Global Warming according to some) we expect a mild winter.

And that’s fine with me (the mild winter part. I think the whole Global Warming part sucks and you ought to help fix it).


  1. @Kami – yes – I even have heated seats and hand-grips on my motorcycle (not to mention a heated riding suit 🙂

  2. You are such a Texan, sigh! I love the cooler weather, then again, I am from Colorado.