Girls are just – different

My son and daughter are finally gone – they are going to a paintball park about thirty five miles away. They are supposed to be there in 20 minutes. 

They will be late.  But my daughter still wanted to iron the shirt she was going to wear!

No, as a guy I cannot understand why a wrinkle-free shirt is important for an outdoor paintball fight in 90 degree weather.  You will get covered in paint.  And dirt.  And sweat.  Wrinkles?  Who gives a crap about wrinkles!!?!?!?!

And no, I do NOT understand how females think and have accepted the fact that I never will.  I’m cool with that.



  1. @Deannie: “Womenz stick together”

    Tell me abour it! I grew up in a household with FOUR (older) sisters!
    Guess who ended up doing all the chores?

  2. @MissM: Shirts are meant to be thrown around. Believe me.

  3. @deannie. ^5

    @Paul: I think you’re just being realistic, and changing what you can, and accepting what you can’t 🙂

    @Rob: One of my boys, throws the clothes in the basket from the dryer and thats where he gets what he wears. One folds them, but leaves them around the house when he takes them off. The only reason I iron is to do a t-shirt transfer, or patch attachment… 🙂

  4. @deannie: Tell that to Mom. And anyway, it’s been years since I’ve actually gotten the image of a girl on my eyes…

    And my hair is a mess anyway :((

  5. Paul, now if you have gotten this far with your deducting skills, you should realize by now:

    1) Suzy has you trained – WELL! 🙂 (and by the way, that is meant in the most positive way possible. There is nothing more unloving than a man who refuses to bend with his wife’s needs)

    2) Womenz stick together. 😉

  6. @Deannie: ?? *pout* “…” is all I get for my briliant observations? Or are these ‘good points’ as well? 😉

  7. @Deannie – 😀 If Lauren just kept thing in balance, I would be fine with it – but tshe tends to makes things quite unbalanced! 😉

  8. 🙄
    @Yuvi: Don’t comb your hair. It will attract women to you.

    @Paul: …

    @Rob: I am SO glad there is at least one female in your household to balance out you men.

    Love you guys! Mean it! 🙂

  9. :mrgreen: 😀 😀 😀 😀

  10. @Rob, your not understanding this stems from the fact that you have this “already late .. then doing something” thing backward!
    She is NOT ironing her shirt for reasons you and I would iron it for! She might as well have been polishing her shoes, putting on make-up or go to the bathroom AGAIN! All these things are done IN ORDER to be late! That’s the secret of it all. Once you realize this, you can PREDICT these things (and even plan for them!).
    If we go out and my wife CONFIRMS my inquiry as to her being ‘ready?’, then I know we’re at leat 30 minutes away from actually leaving.
    If she opens the front door, has her shoes on, has her purse AND her keys, … then that’s my 15 minute call!
    Note: these times are based on me sitting quietlty behind my computer! These numbers DOUBLE when I’m clearly waiting on her (like… pacing!).
    Now, you CAN influence this a little bit by employing reverse-psychology: if you see the slightest hesitation in her, and you can FEEL that she’s going back inside again for something .. TELL her “why don’t you go to the bathroom once more… just to be sure!” … that ususally does it! She’d go straight to the car. (Of course, she then will make you stop somewhere along the way, for a restroom-stop, but al least you’re on your way now!)

  11. Finally, someone who sympathises with me! Atleast it’s your daughter, for me it’s my Mom and so she insists *I* iron the shirts when I go out (rarely). Sigh.

    Any ideas why?

    And, don’t get me started on “combing”…