Girls just think differently

My daughter just told me her friend just got a brand new car. Lauren was excited for her. They are out on a test drive right now.

But I asked my daughter what kind of car it was, and she responded, "gray".

Not the make, or model.  Just gray. A guy would have known not only the make and model, but how many cylinders, how many MPG, the horsepower and when the first oil change was due.

But to girls, "gray" is good enough.



  1. oh you! I very teasingly told you I bought a red car but I sure did know how many cylinders, gas mileage, wear on the tires and all that good stuff. Sometimes we girlz just don’t feel the need to go on and ON about such things since we have already taken care of business and want to get on to the fun part: the color! 🙂