Global Neighbourhoods: Coming home from Iraq.

Very cool.  Since San Antonio is “Military City, USA” you would think we would be used to soldiers coming and going, yet each time I am in the airport I see the same reactions from people every time they see someone in uniform – especially those in BDU’s (Battle Dress Uniform).  

We looked up to realize there was a glass enclosed walkway overhead, and in a single column, khaki clad soldiers were walking along.  As they passed each cluster of seats, people would rise to their feet and applaud.  As the line got longer and longer, more and more people would spontaneously rise. The procession–and the applause–extended for some length of time and distance. People kept standing and clapping until the last soldier had passed.

Source: Global Neighbourhoods: Coming home from Iraq.


  1. Sorry about the mascara :)!

  2. Well, I didn’t get the memo that this was NO MASCARA day as this is the millioneth thing that has made me cry today but yeah, VERY COOL.