Global Neighbourhoods: I feel so cheap

OK, so I’m costing Shel some money 🙂  It is going to a good cause though.  I’ve got to remember to watch the auction Monday night (although midnight Pacific Time is a burden or those of us that live in rational time zones!) – I have a fairly large budget (for me) set aside to make sure I win this.  Hopefully I do, and hopefully it doesn’t cost Shel a ton of money!

The bidding for two hours of my time seems to have stalled at $300, half of which will go to Room to Read, a global children’s literacy program. If my existing clients see this, they are going to demand a discount. I feel so unwanted.

This began as an experiment for Facebook Flyers. Charlene Li started with an experiment that had astounding results. But I noticed that hers was free. That seemed interesting, but flawed. people respond to free better than they do to fee, as we bloggers can tell you.

So I tried this and not one bid came from my three days of 2500 Flyers each day. Not one.

Meanwhile, I’d like you to go look at Room to Read, an astounding organization founded by ex-Microsoftie John Wood. Read his book, “Leaving Microsoft to Change the World.”

So I’m changing the deal. Whatever the high bid is, I will match it and the money will go directly to Room to Read. If you want the tax deduction, then send me a check made out to Room to Read and I will match and forward it on.”

In any case, the high bid stands at $300. Bidding remains open until midnight Oct. 15 Pacific Time.

Global Neighbourhoods: I feel so cheap