Global Neighbourhoods: The eShel Auction will have three winners

Shel Israel is a very decent guy.  No, I have never met him.  In fact, when I asked him to join me on Facebook he asked who the heck I was. That’s ok – we had about one degree of separation in about 5 different ways.  He just didn’t realize it.

But I won a couple hours with Shel, and I couldn’t be happier.  I’m sure he will be of great help to one of my clients/partners/friends.

And the big winner is the kids.

Read the comments on the post linked below. And thanks Shel – for getting this rolling and encouraging me to give even more – especially the books.  I have a LOT of books.  I won’t miss 50 of them, but I know 50 books will make a big difference to a lot of kids.

The auction for two hours of my social media consulting has gotten interesting. This began as a test for FaceBook Flyers, but that part has fizzled. I got nothing from my $15 investment for the 7500 flyers over three days. But the competition right here, on this blog, has gotten heated up as we approach the deadline of midnight tonight, Pacific Daylight Time. Currently, Wayne Mulligan has become the high bidder at $450. You are still welcome and encouraged to outbid him, but I am only able to match Rob’s locked bid. But Rob LaGesse, who has been the opening and most persistant bidder, just emailed me to say he will be traveling in a couple of hours and unavailable to bid until after midnight. He said that he was prepared to go to $1,000 to make sure he won.

Global Neighbourhoods: The eShel Auction will have three winners


  1. Rock on, Rob!

  2. Hey Kami,

    Did you see the part where matching funds for kids who need it will be welcome? I’ll earn my part, but why don’t you kick in a few bucks to helpkids, particularly girls learn to read in impoverished countries? Or just send them you kids’ books when you are done with them.

  3. @Kami – I was a bit of a nagger on this auction, so I am sure Shel will do what he always does – work his butt off!

  4. Wow, cool, make him earn it though.