Global Neighbourhoods: The Scrapblog job is taken

Today Shel posted about a position at Scrapblog – one that I read was already pretty much filled, but many others thought is was a call for candidates.  In the comments I suggest trying to come up with a new title for someone that is both PR, and Blogger.  Both community relations person, and corporate voice.  I’m not sure this is exactly what the position is – for this exercise it’s not all that important. 


What I bring up in the comments is what do we call this new position of being the voice, the face, and even the conscience of a company? I suggest going through an exercise I used as both a recruiter and hiring manager – coming up with a one-work description of the person, and coming up with as many one-work descriptions as possible.  Once you have the one-word lists completed, it’s often much easier to identify the skillets and personality of the person you are looking for.

Go read the posts.  Add some words.  Nix ones you don’t like. Suggest new titles for this new style position (one Robert Scoble may have actually “invented” when he became the human voice of Microsoft.) 

I mentioned a community relationships person in my earlier blog about Scrapblog.  I guess I was not clear.  The position is taken.  The lucky person has not yet given notice and that is why I cannot name him until that happens.

I find it amazing that both the quantity and quality of people who have contacted either Carlos or me through email and just a few minutes ago, by phone. It makes a statement about what people would like to do professionally.  I am willing to bet that there would have been far fewer people expressing this very high level of excitement had I posted that a client needs either a director of marketing or a product manager.

Employers should pay attention.  If you are looking for the brightest, most creative and enthusiastic people to bring your products and services to communities, I strongly advise you to go Scrapblog’s route.  These days you get further by joining conversations then starting them.  You get more rewards online by joining communities who might care, rather than controving to start your own.

Source: Global Neighbourhoods: The Scrapblog job is taken


  1. Carlos – no problem – I enjoy it 🙂 Nothing like esoteric conversations about non-describable job positions to get me interested 😉

  2. Rob, Thanks for contributing to the conversation.