GMail "Spam-Swarms" – when GMail Spam Filters Fail.

gmail I’ve experienced Google GMail Spam-Swarms before – but the one today, which only lasted about 15 minutes, was a serious mess.  At one point I was receiving about 1,000 spam emails/minute.  In a 15 minute time span hundreds of spam emails weren’t even marked as spam.

gmail2 I don’t know why this happens, but I hate it when it does.

Since I am a consultant, most of my new clients come from email addresses I don’t recognize – and often those messages end up in my spam folder.

Usually I can deal with the daily spam, and sort out the real emails.  But when I get thousands of spam emails I just can’t go through them one at a time.

I just delete them – and hope I am not throwing away future business.

gmail3 I love GMail, and mostly it just works.

But when it doesn’t it is a pain in the butt, and it could cost me money.

Mostly it is annoying when it doesn’t work, because I just expect it to.

And I know – I shouldn’t complain because I can’t beat the price.

But if “free” comes with the price of “maybe it works” then I need to rethink my email strategy. I can’t afford the potential loss of business or the real loss of time dealing with these “spam-swarms”.

All of these screen shots were taken in a five minute period – and at the time I was deleting spam and clearing the spam folder as often as I could.

I couldn’t keep up.  Neither could GMail.


  1. @Paul – It’s GMail – I wasn’t actually receiving those emails – Google was – they were just updating the total count on my GMail page.

    And we know Google has a HELL of an Internet connection!

  2. “At one point I was receiving about 1,000 spam emails/minute.”

    If you really were getting about 17 emails per SECOND, then you have a HELL of an Internet connection!