Going Green -a Preview…


I’m past all of the technical hurdles in building my new server for this site, getting bandwidth adjusted, migrating the database (which will now include real-time replication to another machine), tweaking the template, etc.  I still have a few things to do – like merging my customizations of the WordPress PHP from the old site to the new one – but generally, I am close to done.

But since I have a big weekend planned, and then a big US Holiday week of over-indulging in just about everything next week, I may not finish it tomorrow.  So just in case I don’t, below is a screen shot – and yes, it is very green.

I chose green specifically to serve as a reminder to me to post more renewable energy stories.  I am not a “tree-hugger”, and I’m not out to “save the world”.  I am out to save some money though – so I’ve spent a lot of time studying ways to save, and even create energy.  This site won’t become a site about energy conservation, but I do plan on spending more time sharing with you what I’ve learned.  So the “green theme” is meant to remind me of that.

Love it or hate it, here’s what it is.  I’m sure I’ll change it again in a few months or so – so if you hate it, don’t fear.

Click the image for a bigger view (opens in a new window).

 I don’t know where the basic theme came from – I found it in a Zip File with about 180 themes in it – none of them attributed.  If you know who created it, I’ll happily give them credit (I did do a lot of modifications to it – but it started out as someone else’s work).




  1. The green looks remarkably different depending on which monitor I am using. On my new LCD, it looks darker. My old LCD makes it look like someone ate too much pea soup and didn’t hold it down.

    I’ll look at changing it to a darker gradient, time allowing.


  2. @rob: It’s not the ‘green’ part that I don’t like too much, but the ‘type’ of green. The neon-style is a bit too bright (it almost hurts! and definitely distracts) on my eyes. If only you could make it a bit less ‘vibrant’ (make it a bit darker!)

    @David: I think you’re selling yourself short with .02 cents.
    Or did you mean 2 cents ( $ .02)?
    As for scaling to the users screen, even with css that’s amazingly difficult to do, and when you get it right (with all kinds of trickery), SOME day some weird content will break it. We’re all waiting for CSS 3 support, which will have true column support.

  3. David – good points.

    82% of my readers use an off line reader (Google Reader, etc) and rarely visit the site. They don’t care – so I am interested in what those of you that use the site think.

    I tried a couple two column layouts, but a lot of people like the “recent comments” and “recent posts” sidebars. I need the items in the right sidebar (search, select category, archives, etc) as well… so either I do away with something completely, or I create one really long sidebar on the right or left.

    I’m open to suggestions – what would you remove from the front page?

    Thanks mucho for the comments.


  4. My .02 cents is that you need to pick a template that will scale to the user’s screen size instead of just centering.

    Also, to me the screen is too busy with columns on both sides of your content. I would have just one side with of your content have additional tabs for selecting. To me this would help focus user attention to your writing….