Good luck shared is good

I was lucky on the poker tables in New Orleans this week.  Almost from the moment I sat down, I was ahead.  Basically I played with Harrah’s money the whole time I was there.  I made my initial investment back in the first hour, and played for free.

It’s fun to play with the Casino’s money – you can bet bigger, and be more aggressive.  That pays off better when you hit a lucky streak.

I hit a streak this weekend and made a couple thousand bucks over and above what the trip cost me.  Sometimes life is good 🙂

But the best thing I did was share the wealth today.  I helped buy someone I never met (and will almost certainly never meet) something they wanted – and something I think they will put to good use.  They are halfway around the world from me – and they are sleeping now – so they don’t even know what I’ve done yet.  It makes me feel pretty good knowing they will wake up to a special day tomorrow – just because I got lucky this week.  And because I’ve always thought that sharing is important, and good luck shared is extremely important.  If we don’t share when things are good, when will we?

There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you do something good, just because you can.


  1. You are the man Rob, way to go… Especially since you’ll probably never meet Yuvi. It’s the small things that make the big impacts on kids…

  2. Sorry for being late Rob, but Thanks a freakin lot!

  3. Thanks. I think Bill Gates has the best job in the world – giving away billions of dollars. I can’t imagine anything more fulfilling.


  4. As someone who has been in contact with the same young man consistently since Scoble gave him a bit of attention, and as an ex-teacher who often wondered what my kids would do if they could afford the ‘tool’ that would set free their creativity, I want to tell you how much I respect what you did. A great part of the larger story. Of course, Scoble just blogged about his CEO’s invite, but I think what you did a bit more under the radar was pretty striking. Cheers, Christian

  5. I guessed it as soon as I read this entry. And yes, he blogged about it immediately. High five Rob!

  6. Chris – I am sure you do – we read the same blogs. It’s just 7am there, and he’ll post. But really – this isn’t as big of a deal as this thread makes it seem. It’s a small thing for me and isn’t worthy of all the conjecture. It made me feel good – and that’s what I was trying to get across to people. Giving is good, even if it isn’t much

  7. I think I know. I’m surprised he hasn’t posted yet either (if it is who I think it is). I won’t reveal though.

  8. Chris and Rick – I’ll let the recipient tell you all. I just chatted with him (which was cool, considering he is in India, and I am not). I just wanted to make sure of a couple things first, and now I am satisfied.

    No hint in the archives though, Chris!


  9. Yeah, I think we pretty much all want to know! ( /me madly searches through archives for mentions of something that reveals answer)

  10. No, I wish! Nothing that extravagant. Just a little something for a kid that had a wish. I might share more later. But for now, I’m just pleased with the timing – that it found me in a place to help.

  11. I hope your planning on filling us in with a few details on what you bought and why. Don’t leave us out here wondering if you’ve bought them a new house or a Ferrari. Details Bro! Details!