Good Morning, Time Warner

  I took a long nap last evening – enough of one that I then sat up half the night playing Tour of Duty 3 on the XBOX 360.  The kids were staying at friends, so I had the house (and the XBOX) to myself for a change.  I went back to bed around 6am.  At 8 am my phone rang.  Time Warner.  Ughhh – I forgot I made an appointment with them.  What was I thinking?


  They replaced my 8300HD DVR with an older model – the 8000HD.  Why?  Because I got sick of the reliability of the 8300.  I’ve gone through no less than 6 of them – three in the last month.  It’s a pain in the butt, because everything has to be re-programmed – from my Favorites Channels to the look and feel of the interface.


  I’ve been very patient with Time Warner – mostly because I don’t really have any attractive alternatives.  I can switch to AT&T and get my Internet speeds cut in half — and then I would have to get a dish – and I can’t seem to find an economical way to hook 11 TVs up to a satellite feed.


  We’ll see how the 8000HD fares. If it isn’t any better that the 8300 I plan on purchasing a couple HD PVR cards for my main PC and move the recording function over to it (currently I have a PVR on my PC – just not HD).


  Hopefully Time Warner won’t be back at my house again in 2006 (they’ve been here on average 1.5 times a month this year!).