Google AdSense

I signed up for Google AdSense today.  No – I’m not sure I will use it on this blog, but I might,

But Google could help me make the decision – since they need my URL to determine if I qualify (BTW – two years ago an almost identical self-hosted blog was rejected – today I was accepted.  What I write about hasn’t changed a lot – perhaps Google’s criteria has?

Anyway, I signed up for and was approved for AdSense.  Why couldn’t Google look through my blog and give me an estimate, based on past posts and their smart targeted advertising give me an idea of how much I might make off ads.  $3.00 a month or $30?  I have to believe they can do this.

It would certainly help me determine if I want to ad any advertising to this blog.  If I could generate a few hundred dollars a month to put towards The Learning Locker, then I would do it.  If it’s only $3.00 then I am not buying in.

How about it Google (I know you are not just indexing my site, you are reading it – so give me some feedback).