Google Analytics

Now that Google has opened Google Analytics to the masses, I thought I would share some of the type of info it shows on my blog stats.  There are a ton more data features than what I am showing – this is just a very small sampling.

This image (click it for a readable version) shows the referring web sites.  With the exception of Google and the Yahoo email ones, they’ve all come from another blog I have posted comments on (note to self, comment more on other people’s blogs!).

The big blue slice is people that come directly to my blog by typing the URL, or clicking a saved link. 


The next image shows where on the planet people are visiting from.  Not surprising that most of my visitors are from the USA, but I’m really happy to have people from places like Poland, Canada, France, Australia, Spain and Trinidad and Tobago!  Welcome!


Google Analytics is free.  If you are using WordPress 2 for your blog, there is a nice sidebar widget created by Rich Boakes – it’s here.  You will also need the Sidebar Widget, located here.

It took me about 15 minutes to set everything up.  Of course you have to have write access to your WordPress File System, so it may be more difficult if you are using a hosted WordPress.  That’s one of the reasons I decided to self host.


  1. Crap I’m sending a lot of traffic your way.

    Might be me though, I have a tendency to forget this site’s URL (I can’t find a good feed reader) so I just click through from my site. Hehe…