Google Operating System

This is a bit Geeky of an article for some of my readers, but it does raise an interesting point that has been annoying me more and more (and more and more) lately:

Web sites that just refuse to even try to work with my browser.  It ticks me off.  Period.  It’s not acceptable.  Either work with most browsers completely, or just change the offered feature set for browsers you don’t get along with well.  Don’t be so quick to shut the door on people.

I went to a site today that told me I needed “at least Internet Explorer 4.x” to use the site.  I was running IE7.  It wouldn’t let me in.  I’ve had the same issues with web sites and Opera as the author of this post has had.

And there really just isn’t an excuse for it.  Not for shutting the door on me.  Chances are, if you show me something interesting in Opera, I’ll come back in FireFox or IE and look for more.  If you close the door on me with an “unsupported browser” message, then you’ve lost me forever.  

User: “Google, my browser crashed when loading Google Calendar.”
Google: “What browser do you use?”
User: “Opera 9.”
Google: “Sorry. It’s an unsupported browser.”

Source: Google Operating System