Google Reader adds search… and bugs

I love that Google Reader added search.  I hate where they put it – it takes screen space and I keep clicking “search” instead of “refresh”.

Google – hide the search – let me open it by pressing the universally acceptable CTRL-F (or whatever those funny keys are Apple guys press).  At least give me the option.

I DO like the search – but not enough to always be taking up part of my screen.  I’m not that lost.

Second, if the search box is empty and you click search then you throw an error.  (How was that not tested?)

It doesn’t sound like a big deal except I keep clicking “search” instead of “refresh”.  I’m used to the upper-most button being refresh, not search.  Your interface programmed some habits into me, and now you’ve broken the sequence.

Fix the bug, and let me hide the search until I am lost.  Then make it very easy for me to find search.