Google Reader – this one is fixable!

OK, here’s one that should be easy for Google to fix.  It seems that if you have a browser tab open and are logged into Google Reader, and open another browser tab.  Open your personalized Google home page (logging in with the same credentials as you use for Google Reader).

So, now you are logged into Google Reader and Google Personalized Home Page.  Click Log-Out on the Google Personalized Home Page.  Go back to Google Reader…

Guess what – you get errors.  You know why?  You logged out – yes, by logging out of the Personalized Home Page you also logged out of Google Reader.  Of course there is no way for you to know this because Google Reader says you are logged in.  You just get a variety of errors when you try reading any feeds.

Come on Google – this one should be an easy fix – don’t log me out of all services when I log off one of them.  That seems easy enough, doesn’t it?