Google Reader

OK, I’ve used Google Reader for about a half day. 886 articles from 260 blogs.

Mostly I like it – I can understand why Scoble is raving about it. It is easy, and yes, I’ve already been trained to hit “j, j, j” etc to jump to the next unread article. And Shift-S to add an article to my shared space is nice (but I am lazy – give me one key stroke to push, not two please – thank you very much!).

I find it interesting that I can’t search within my current Google Reader results page. Duh!?! Why not? Isn’t Google a search company?

Occasionally I hit feeds that have attachments that pop-up a Download Now dialog (in Firefox 2.0, final). I don’t know why – I haven’t spent much time looking into it yet, but it’s annoying. Google should look into it though and just stop it.

I would like the option of telling Google Reader if I want attachments auto-downloaded or not (and on a per-feed basis). I would also like to be able to tell Google Reader where to store those attachments (again, on a per feed basis).

I want a “Blog This” button that is customizable so I can use whatever blogging software I want, easily, with one click.

I want to be able to customize my Public Share Site. At least let me change the title from “Robert’s Shared Items”. Already I am getting 4 different feeds for “Robert’s Shared Items” – all from different Robert’s. Oh – and the feed title should change to the Feed Title I choose.

I would like to be able to have a checkbox that affects Google Reader globally that says, “show only new unread items”. I spend to much time reading past new items and drifting into already read stuff. No reason to do that.

So after half of day one I am at least ready to try day two. No other online reader has kept my interest for even an hour or so – this is promising. But it’s not Onfolio. I would stick to Onfolio if I were convinced that anyone at Microsoft is actually doing anything with it, and if they cut down on the CPU/Disk usage it consumes. Until then, I am looking for an alternative.