Google Results and Time Warner Sucks

I just got a phone call from an older lady in California.


She called just to tell me that she looked on Google for “Time Warner Sucks” and my blog came up.  She was so frustrated with Time Warner that she just “had” to call me and tell me her horror story.

Why she chose me out of the thousands of Google results for “Time Warner Sucks” is unknown.  But she was a sweet enough lady, and she asked me if I could help her.

I tried – I asked what the problem was.  She said her TV wouldn’t turn on anymore – that it hadn’t worked in “weeks”. 

I asked her if she had any other TV’s and she said she did, and that the one in her bedroom “still works fine”.  It’s also connected to Time Warner Cable.

So the old tester instincts cut in and I went through some troubleshooting with her.

Guess what?  Her batteries in her remote were dead.  She had it for “years” and “never had a problem with it”.

So yes, I know that every Time Warner complaint isn’t Time Warner’s fault.  But today I helped an old lady in California change her batteries in her remote and get her TV working again – because I have consistently (and for cause!) bitched about Time Warner.

Oh – and why didn’t Time Warner “fix” her problem?  Because she wasn’t willing to wait on the phone for them for an hour.  Me?  I answered on the second ring πŸ˜‰


And no – please don’t call me with your Time Warner problems.  Check your batteries!

(Yes, it’s turning out to be one of those weekends!)


  1. Uh – I don’t remember that occassion. But I AM sure it probably happened. I was a pretty laid back “boss”, I think.

    And Brenda is good people!


  2. But then again… Rob’s comment reminds me of a remark he once made, when I complained about the floppy drive in my laptop not working properly (he then used to take care of stuff like that). Rob shrugged and said.. “Whatever.. I don’t ‘do’ floppies”, then, noticing our ‘Office manager’ standing next to him, he said .. straight faced… “ask Brenda!”

    (true story!)

  3. *paul quietly leaves the conversation*

  4. Heh – if you call ME you won’t need them damned batteries πŸ˜‰

    Ooooh – that sounds naughty!

    -* Hugs * –

  5. Can I check my batteries and then call you?

  6. Oh, believe me – I am even happier about that than you are!

  7. Yeah, me too, and I’m GLAD I said “in the FRONT” now.

  8. Hah. I crack myself up

  9. Ouch! That was a sharp little prick I just got stabbed in the front with!

  10. *considers stabbing him in the front*

  11. Nope – it’s still there! < grin >

  12. *stupid comment withdrawn*