Google Search – and Google Apps

I don’t understand why Google isn’t searching the way I think.  For instance, if I type “image:Alamo” into Google Search I believe I should get a picture of the freaking Alamo.  There’s only one of them that’s popular for crying out loud!  And I already said I wanted an image.  This should work.

And the same thing goes for maps.  Why won’t “maps:Alamo” show me a Google map of the Alamo?

And calendars!  Why doesn’t “calendar:San Antonio” show me what going to be happening in San Antonio?

They are all Google services that they could tie into their search engine.  Yeah – maybe a lot of people won’t use them – but I bet many of us will.  Especially if they did it and told us about it.

Come on Google – if “info:” and “blog:” are valid search prefixes I think “map:” and “calendar:” and “image:” should be as well… not to mention “video:”.